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Raspberry Pi Server

Hey, welcome to Adea! The WordPress website hosted in my Raspberry Pi serving right from my home in south of Spain, in Castilleja de la Cuesta (Seville). My name is Luis Serrano, I´m a graphic designer focused on Web Design and yes, I do love my Raspberry Pi and WordPress. You can take a look in for more info about me and my work, in spanish.

Raspberry Pi is lovely yes, but limited, so this website has been designed with special cares:

  • Lightweight soul.
  • Low resources consumig.
  • Simple and minimalistic WordPress theme (Also designed by me).
  • Optimizing, Minifying and caching all code to the most. (As far as I can).

The next drawback is my current internet connection, a poor and old ADSL with only 1mg to upload. Ehmm… yes, this is crazy. Anyway, I hope I can improve this problem soon.

raspberry pi case adea

My new Raspberry Pi Case

I decided to turn my Raspberry into a server, not for websites hosting only, actually I am trying to «squeeze» every bit of this board to get the most of it. Mounting a cloud server too, for example, maybe a chat server or a online comunication center (still getting shape), a remote home IOT devices manager / surveillance, a little media streaming server…  Actually, as you can see, this website is a small piece of this project with my Raspberry, started the 12th of July, 2018.

In the next days I will post photos and videos of this proyect in the gallery section, click here to go there (empty at this moment)

I really Hope you like this website. Please, let me know you were here, right? That would be energy for me!! Send me an email to

Thanks again for comming
Best regards from Adea!


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